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secure individual Online Storage - free!

Data encryption on the server

save all photos and documents from smartphone

synchronize PC, tablet and smartphone

manageable by multiple users - share files

NEW select between oCloud, Nextcloud and ownCloud

Set up Online Storage
... ready in just 100 seconds for the safe storage of your photos, documents and data! - Multilingual User Interface


Save photos from your smartphone for free and synchronize documents, photos and data on your desktop, smartphone and tablet.

oCloud Server

Our system is based on the newest version of ownCloud and the version we provide is completely secure, encrypted and stable. Select between oCloud, ownCloud or Nextcloud.

Encrypted data

Your documents, photos, data etc. are always encrypted en route to and on the server. This ensures your data’s security.

'Made in Germany’

All data is handled according to strict German data protection laws. No spies violating your privacy.

up to 100 TB storage space

We provide secure and encrypted storage space for all of your data. Up to 5 GB of storage space is included free of charge.

No Limit

You can choose to set up more users on the system you have. Transfer of all of their data is, of course, also included.

NEW! ! Online document editing for NextCloud & OwnCloud

Now use Collabora (Libre Office) online document editing for your cloud – whether your cloud is here with us or (self)hosted elsewhere!

Edit text, tables, presentations: Text editing (odt, doc), table calculation (ods, xls) and presentations (odp, ppt) – all online.

How it works: Simply activate Collabra APP in the cloud and then enter the access data provided by us. Done!

(The detailed instructions can be obtained from our support. System requirements: A current cloud – either Nextcloud or ownCloud with administrator-rights from every provider)